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Welcome to the home page of the Lab of Nature-Inspired Engineering!

Over billions years’ of evolution, many biological systems have orchestrated a variety of principles to process and manage information, materials and energy using the least materials while high efficiency. In particular, many phenomena in nature, ranging from the ways that natural materials self-assemble and respond to external stimuli to the manifestation of directional liquid flow on the surfaces of materials are underpinned by elegant surface topographical mechanisms. My research interest lies in the seeking, unraveling and conceptualizing of the power of these evolved mechanisms and then translating the learned understandings to design nature-inspired surfaces that dynamically change their interfacial and transport properties such as wetting, adhesion, thermal-fluid transport for water-energy nexus and biomedical applications.

We embrace new challenges and collaborations. Feel free to visit us, either in person or on the web.

Contact Me

Office: M501K

Hong Kong Polytechnic University,

            11 Yuk Choi Road, Hung HomKowloonHong Kong  |  +852-2766-6647

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